12. The Social Network

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  1. T. Webb says:

    I have not seen “The Social Network” (I’m just not interested in social media). The score won the Academy Award in 2010, and it must be incredible, because it beat out John Powell’s score for “How to Train Your Dragon”, which is one of the best orchestral scores of the 21st century. (The score for HTTYD is also fantastic.)

  2. Josh G. says:

    Massively overrated score, imo. “How to Train Your Dragon” from the same year bests it in every way. Different kind of film, I know, but I just can’t get that worked up about well-placed drones, synth beats, and a decent re-working of “In the Hall of the Mountain King”. Also, “Inception” was the same year and though it did beget one of the most annoying trends in modern film scoring (“BWAAAAAHHHHH”), I’d still pick it over “Social Network”.
    However, “Social Network” is still my second favorite film of 2010 (“Toy Story 3” being numero uno).

  3. Dayne says:

    Personally, though I love this score, it kind of breaks my heart that it’s so far up this list. I don’t think it beats any of the top 25, especially not landmarks like Chinatown and The Godfather.

  4. Eric says:

    wah wah whine complain overrated

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