21. Chinatown

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  1. lpzst says:

    All of the cues could be labeled as “essential tracks” because of how each and every cue is seamlessly precise for the apposite scene as it enters and exits. That’s one of the reasons I think it’s the greatest film score ever.

    • Dayne says:

      I absolutely agree, though labeling essential tracks is just highlighting my favorite tracks in the soundtrack album. Jake and Evelyn articulates the love theme beautifully with an undercurrent of melancholy, and then you really can’t forget the theme for Noah Cross, especially Goldsmith’s innovative use of contemporary experimental jazz. It’s truly phenomenal work.

      • lpzst says:

        This is a rather late post and while this list was a list of preferred scores, Chinatown’s score is definitely greater than Taxi Driver’s. Other than the fact that it clearly influenced the main title to Taxi Driver with its’ blusey theme with avant-garde textures, the score to Chinatown is way more than jazz, since jazz is less than half of the score. Most of the score relies on Goldsmith’s innovative and avant-garde orchestrations that range from evoking an arid desert setting to a distressed, moaning female voice all in an unorthodox musical ensemble which, coupled with the bluesy material, amounts to 23 minutes of total scoring. Goldsmith’s creates as much atmosphere and mood in only 23 minutes of scoring as any score on this or any list of all time great scores.

        On second thought, its the greatest film score in cinema.

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