6. This Is Spinal Tap

16 Sep


directed by Rob Reiner

Rob Reiner didn’t create the mockumentary, but he created the most famous one in This Is Spinal Tap. With the help of genius improvisers Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer, Riener’s film gave us unbelievably inept characters who we just couldn’t stop watching. Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins, and Derek Smalls are played with such sincerity that their idiocy is almost childishly adorable. These characters were so popular that they gained a life outside of the film, making public appearances and even recording multiple albums as Spinal Tap. And for a movie about a washed-up band, the songs are still pretty rockin’. Enough, say, to get you to turn your TV up to 11?

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