BP Movie Journal 3/10/16

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  1. Juhani Kenttä says:

    That was quite the shot in the dark, David, you guessing The Right Stuff when the film in question was actually Twice Upon a Time. Both of these movies were produced by The Ladd Company which has produced only 24 films to date, according to Wikipedia.

  2. bob says:

    how dare you! The Rescuers is a damn treasure! (Down Under, OTOH, is a trifle).

    but yeah, ‘minor disney’ probably depends on your age & era. I have never seen most of the ones you mentioned, and eschewed the Aristocats, even though i was in the age range for it. Same w/ “Oliver & Co.” and even “All Dogs Go to Heaven”. But ‘The Great Mouse Detective’ was quite popular in my household, as was (the live-action) ‘Without a Clue’ – we love(d) everything Sherlock.

    also: i’ve never understood why everyone seems to feel the first RDJ Sherlock Holmes movie is better than Game of Shadows. Game of Shadows actually *feels* like a Sherlock story – mostly because of Moriarty & Moran, but perhaps it’s the iconic Reichenbach Fall, or the lack of “Guy Ritchie fistfights”.

    I dunno. I guess i just found the first one to be too pandering to modern audiences, and the second to be a little more Holmes-y. Game of Shadows (IIRC) also relies on Watson a little more, and Jude Law is always great.

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