BP Movie Journal 7/2/20

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    The U.S had a legally explicit racial caste system, and European immigrants always qualified as white. There wasn’t necessarily equality among groups of white people, but they still qualified as white.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Well, as we’re seeing en masse right now, the facts and how Americans behave are not always the same thing.

      – David

  2. FictionIsntReal says:

    Zahler is known for the extremity of his films, but I think there’s an undercurrent of moralism in them. The thing I would emphasize in Dragged Across Concrete is not simply that another character is basically “the hero”, but that Mel Gibson’s character’s downfall would have been avoidable if not for a part of his character which he would perceive as a virtue (something Tory Kittles’ character finds incomprehensible). And the terrible thing you mention happened in the middle of the movie was also avoidable if he had prioritized doing the right thing rather than the thing in his own self-interest. Vince Vaughn’s character isn’t as bad a guy, and objects to the decision his partner makes, but out of his misguided sense of loyalty he ultimately goes along and that determines everyone’s fate.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Yeah, I agree with all of this but I avoided getting into things like the character’s downfall–which is one of the most crucial moments in the whole movie, thematically–because of spoilers. I do think much of the movie is ultimately defensible but I still think it reaches too much for sympathy for racist characters (Gibson’s wife, for one) and, most importantly, there’s just too much of it that I don’t enjoy cinematically.

      – David

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