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  1. James Cox says:

    Dear David and Tyler,

    Thank you for the great show you put on week after week. The podcast has become a staple of my long commute and BP Live was a real treat during my brother’s visit to LA from NorCal last year. You guys provide a great platform for relevant and insightful film discussion without ” pretension.”

    Your guest for the latest BP Supplement, Josh Fadem, is a funny guy and certainly opinionated– however I don’t think he was a good fit for this episode’s subject of discussion. I understand that he may have been putting on “a character,” but I found his whole attitude really off-putting and disruptive. He dismissed almost every movie discussed with “BORING!” and seemed to make little or no effort to defend his position. I’d even go as far as saying he didn’t seem to like movies in general because of how often he expressed being enraged by the upcoming releases. To be honest, he really became obnoxious to me. Am I alone? Maybe.

    I’d recommend that next time you have a Summer Preview episode, you invite someone who either has more interest in the Summer releases or can at least make more of a case for their position. Fadem just seemed like a bad match.

    This is my first time writing and I apologize for waiting until I had criticism to do so. I’m a fan of your show and both of your solo podcasts/blogs and will continue sharing my enthusiasm for your work with friends and coworkers. What you do is really something special.

    All the best,


  2. Bobby says:

    Great show! I liked that Josh (who is hilarious)hated everything because it forced you guys to defend half the movies on the list. Some of his complaints were nuts (Conan has too modern a body? He complained about seeing the same stars over and over but then complained that Thor and Captain America are being played by nobodies) but it was always lively and funny.

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