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Comic-Con 2017 Day Three, by David Bax

23 Jul

Since I’ve done so the last two days, let’s finish things out by starting with a complaint (yes, there are four days of Comic-Con; Sundays, though, are for margaritas and rejuvenation). This time, however, I’ll take my grain of salt. Over recent years, Comic-Con has taken measures to prevent people sneaking in or counterfeiting badges. Chief among these are the RFID badges (introduced at WonderCon 2016) that require the holder to scan themselves into and out of the convention. They haven’t stopped at the front doors, though; there are badge-scanning towers in other places, most notably a couple that appear as if they’ve sprung up like weeds in the corridors near panel rooms 1-6 and in and around the Sails Pavilion (the massive tent-like space that divides the two halves of the convention center’s upper floor and is the nexus of autograph-signing and various other Comic-Con sideshows). The effect of this, in addition to other measures like funneling cosplayers with fake weapons into one door to the exclusion of everyone else, is to turn the hallways and lobbies into nearly as frustrating a rat maze as the exhibit hall floor itself. Many of the time-saving paths I’ve developed over more than a decade are suddenly unavailable to me.


Comic-Con 2017 Day Two, by David Bax

22 Jul

After another game of the Comic-Con Runaround threatened to leave me as frustrated as I had been on Thursday morning, I finally managed to get into the first panel on my agenda Friday, thanks to the help of my friend Ryan from CriterionCast. That panel was called Female Voices of Film Twitter and featured Friend of the Podcast Amy Nicholson as well as Personal Friend Angie Han and other notable women like Jen Yamato, moderated by the great Alicia Malone.


Comic-Con 2017 Day One, by David Bax

21 Jul

This is my twelfth Comic-Con and, for all I know, it may be my last. I certainly wasn’t feeling that familiar jolt of con joy on Thursday morning as I navigated multiple lines that moved or didn’t move with little in the way of sense or form. I was trying to get tickets to the screening of Death Note that Netflix had planned for that evening. Spoiler alert: I didn’t get them.


EPISODE 539: SDCC 2017 Preview with Germain Lussier

16 Jul

In this episode, Tyler and David are joined by Germain Lussier of i09 and Gizmodo to talk about what’s coming up at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.