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Hollywood Film Festival 2015: Frame by Frame, by David Bax

30 Sep


In a selfie culture that uploads hundreds of millions of images to Facebook every day, we take photography for granted. Under Taliban rule, though, it was banned in Afghanistan. The very act of taking a picture was a crime. Alexandria Bombach and Mo Scarpelli’s Frame by Frame documents those Afghanis who have been revitalizing the practice since the Taliban were overthrown. From a professor who teaches the next generation of photographers to a woman who takes pictures of female life in the country that only a woman could take in a Muslim country to a Pulitzer Prize winner photojournalist, these individuals prove that a photograph is more than just a picture. It’s a way for a society to account for itself, to be represented and to say that, at the very least, we exist.


Hollywood Film Festival 2015: Something Better to Come, by David Bax

29 Sep


It’s beyond a cliché to say that movies can transport us to new places. But when a documentary relays to us a nearly incomprehensible world within our own, an almost entirely closed ecosystem that we may know exists but that we have successfully ignored, that’s worth remarking upon. Movies as fully realized as Hanna Polak’s Something Better to Come rise above any clichés.