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What the Hell Are You Watching?!: Dunkirk

3 Aug

Christopher Nolan’s latest film Dunkirk is currently in theaters. Quite the departure from the Batman series or even the likes of Interstellar or Inception. Lincoln and Tim discuss the finer aspects of the film, the effective score, and Nolan’s growth as a filmmaker.


What the Hell Are You Watching?!: Baby Driver and Spider-Man: Homecoming

24 Jul

In this episode, Lincoln and Tim are joined by Brian Park to drift and swing through Baby Driver and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

What the Hell Are You Watching?!: The Prestige LIVE with Elise Lecomte

19 Jun

We’re back in the Vermont Comedy Club for a fantastic live episode! Our guest is the hilarious Elise Lecomte to discuss her pick of The Prestige. SO MANY DOVES!

We had a nearly full house for the show, so thank you everyone who came out! And big thanks to Sidney Bard for coming up to play trivia with us! And obviously thank you to VCC for letting us come bullshit for an hour-fifteen about a great movie.

Check out Elise in the touring improv company through VCC and if you’re in the NYC area the weekend of June 23, check out Tim and the Unmentionables at the Del Close Marathon! If you’re local, be on the look out for a series of commercials starring Lincoln and Rachel!

What the Hell Are You Watching?!: No Chill with Annie Russell Crossover

12 Jun

Crossover episode with Annie Russell (@anniemrussell) and her podcast No Chill with Annie Russell (@nochillvermont) talking about movies we are not chill about: Chasing Amy, Across the Universe, and the Star Wars prequels.

What the Hell Are You Watching?!: Wonder Woman

8 Jun

The wife has returned! First time back on the podcast since GhostbustersRachel Riendeau Hayes joins Lincoln and Tim to talk about Wonder Woman, in theaters now.

What the Hell Are You Watching: Alien: Covenant

31 May

Ridley Scott’s new Alien film is in theaters. Lincoln and Tim saw it. They have questions. And strong opinions.

What the Hell Are You Watching: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

22 May

Lincoln is joined by David Metzger to talk about the latest Marvel Studios blockbusters Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

What the Hell Are You Watching: Whiplash

19 May

In this episode, Lincoln is joined by Brian Crawford Scott to discuss Damien Chazelle’s 2014 film Whiplash.

WTF Are You Watching? Conan the Barbarian

20 Aug


In the final episode of the podcast, Kyle and Lincoln discuss John Milius’ Conan the Barbarian.


WTF Are You Watching? Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

13 Aug


In this episode, Kyle and Lincoln are joined by Joey Thomas and Rob Walker to discuss Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.