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MondoCon Wrap-up, by Chase Beck

29 Oct


You had probably assumed that everything that was going to be written about MondoCon Austin 2015 already had been. I took a bit of extra time to digest the events and gestate my thoughts and impressions.


We Need To Talk About Mondo Part Three: The Future Of Mondo, by Chase Beck

7 Oct


In September of 2014, Mondo held its first convention: MondoCon Austin (Or just MondoCon, for short). Being the first ever, nobody; neither the attendees, vendors, artists, or Mondo; really knew what to expect. Mondo announced that there would be several panels, screenings, guest artists and artists booths. Now, the second MondoCon is occurring in just a few days. I think artists, art fans, and collectors have learned much about how to plan and prepare for the event. However, this convention is still growing and evolving and will likely be slightly different by next year. When MondoCon ‘14 occurred, I knew almost nothing about poster collecting. I had only been doing it for about a year. Some old-timers would say I still know nothing about poster collecting. They would probably be right. But that is not going to stop me from trying.


We Need to Talk About Mondo, Part Two: Mondo Today, by Chase Beck

22 Sep


Shortly after moving into their new gallery at 4115 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas, Mondo held what was, at that time, their largest gallery show ever. It was titled, “Nothing’s Impossible” and featured artwork inspired by Disney films from a variety of artists. The combination of now iconic films like Fantasia, The Jungle Book, Ratatouille (with a particularly breathtaking rendering titled “Remy Adrift” by Aaron Horkey), Up, and many more, with leading artists in poster design and illustration made the show incredibly popular. That same year, not content with a highly successful gallery show, Mondo held their very first convention, “MondoCon Austin”. While, in my opinion, the offered posters at MondoCon ‘14 could not contend with the popularity of the Disney set, the convention brought together many artists, illustrators, writers, special effects technicians and the like, with fans of posters, movies, and standing in line. It was an auspicious first outing that promised many great things for Mondo’s future.


We Need to Talk About Mondo Part One: The Beginning, by Chase Beck

9 Sep


The Second ever MondoCon, MondoCon Austin, is coming up. It is a celebration of art, cinema, music but mostly poster collecting. As an eager and excited attendee I thought that it would be fun to share my relationship with Mondo with you.