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Keeping the Dream Alive, by Scott Nye

6 Jul


“We’d often go to the movies. We’d shiver as the screen lit up. But more often, Madeline and I would be disappointed. More often we’d be disappointed. The images flickered. Marilyn Monroe looked terribly old. It saddened us. It wasn’t the film we had dreamed, the film we all carried in our hearts, the film we wanted to make…and secretly wanted to live.” – Masculin feminin (Jean-Luc Godard, 1966)

I think about that quote a lot when I go to the movies. It applies even more now, in ways Godard could not have anticipated, as representations of movies – their advertising (posters, trailers, tv spots, viral games), their press coverage, their water cooler talk – has become far more present than the movies themselves. Truly seeing a film with no preconceived notions is near-impossible now, and so rarely do the films live up to the dreams we have of them.