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Tribeca Film Festival Review: Mojave, by Rudie Obias

23 Apr


William Monahan dabbled as a director with the crime film London Boulevard, but overall, Monahan is mostly known as a screenwriter. In fact, he won an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay penning Martin Scorsese’s The Departed in 2006. Monahan hasn’t hit those heights since, as his films have gotten progressively stranger and stranger. His sophomore directorial effort, Mojave, takes a look at celebrity and privilege, while it also tells a story of revenge and murder.


Tribeca Film Festival Review: The Wolfpack, by Rudie Obias

18 Apr


There are a lot of documentaries out there that are unable to explore one aspect of its subject, let alone go in-depth with its own narrative and point-of-view. But there’s something special when you come across a film that takes a look at a way of life that is foreign, yet somewhat familiar to your own. Director Crystal Moselle manages to take you inside the joy and pain of movie fandom, obsession, and isolation in her debut film The Wolfpack.


Tribeca Film Festival Review: Gored, by Rudie Obias

17 Apr

gored.04.16 PM

One of the best things about the Tribeca Film Festival are its many offerings when it comes to sports documentaries, such as Straight Outta LA and The Two Escobars. This year is no different with a few new films exploring widely popular sports in Europe, such as Palio, about a special breed of horseracing in Italy, and Gored, about the “most gored bullfighter in history,” Antonio Barrera.


Tribeca Film Festival Review: Live from New York!, by Rudie Obias

16 Apr


Kicking off the Tribeca Film Festival 2015 is Live From New York!, a documentary on the history and pop culture relevance of Saturday Night Live over the last 40 years. The comedy sketch TV show is an institution in American pop culture but more so in New York City, where it’s produced. While the Tribeca Film Festival is quickly becoming another strong institution in New York City – the festival started in 2002 in the wake of 9/11 – Live From New York! almost gives the new film festival some credibility and much like Saturday Night Live, both are really self-serving, which is a particular New York trait.