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Crossing the Streams: March 2017, by Jim Rohner

15 Mar

Congratulations! With your recent purchase of a brand new Roku/Apple TV/Amazon Fire Stick you’re ready to – as Obi-Wan Kenobi said – take your first step into a larger world. That larger world is, of course, the world of chord cutting in which a seemingly endless supply of streaming apps, services, and content are available instantaneously at your fingertips. But with so many options of things to watch spread out across so many different services changing literally by the day, what’s worth binge watching before it expires and you’d have to – (GASP) – pay for it? Allow Crossing the Streams to be your official guide to what’s worth watching before it expires, what’s just been made available, and what’s just plain damn good.

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It’s important to take the news about any titles leaving Netflix with a grain of salt for two reasons: First, just because a title is due to expire doesn’t mean Netflix won’t renew the rights sometime between then and now; and second, a lot of the big titles are due to expire right before April Fool’s Day, so it all could be an elaborate (albeit neither charming nor humorous) prank being pulled by Ted Sarandos and co.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV Series (Netflix): The title that first made us all aware of both Joss Whedon as a unique creative voice and Sarah Michelle Gellar as a badass female vampire hunter just celebrate its twentieth anniversary. While the AV Club has been doing a stellar job of commemorating the series, there’s no better way to celebrate Xander’s ill-advised sweater decisions then by bingeing the entire series before it leaves Netflix on March 31st. Granted, all seven seasons will still be available on Hulu but if you’re not fortunate enough to have access to your co-worker’s brother’s Plus account then you’ve only got a few weeks left until you gotta start asking around to old college friends who owned every season on DVD.


Worth Playing For: “I’m Going for a Million Bucks”

20 Dec

In this episode, Tyler and Jenny discuss fake idols, game changers, and the winner of the season.

Worth Playing For: “Slayed the Survivor Dragon”

8 Dec

Tyler and Jenny discuss Jay and Adam’s odd relationship and the double vote-out.

Worth Playing For: “About to Have a Rumble”

30 Nov


In this episode, Tyler and Jenny discuss the family visit, Ken’s stupidity, and yet another idol play.

Worth Playing For: “Million Dollar Gamble”

25 Nov


In this episode, Tyler and Jenny discuss Hannah’s craziness and the battle between David and Zeke.

Worth Playing For: “Still Throwin’ Punches”

16 Nov


In this episode, Tyler and Jenny discuss Taylor’s food bunker, Adam’s insanity, and board games.

Worth Playing For: “I Will Destroy You”

2 Nov


In this episode, Tyler and Jenny discuss the dramatic Tribal Council and the best way to lie.

Worth Playing For: “The Truth Works Well”

26 Oct


In this episode, Tyler and Jenny discuss Figtails, Michaela’s boldness, and Adam’s dilemma.

Ghostwatch and The Blair Witch Project: A Step Ahead, by Alexander Miller

29 Sep


Horror movies had grown stagnant in the late nineties. Slasher films kept getting more roman numerals, for some reason Gus Van Zant remade Psycho, Stephen King adaptations had gone from The Dead Zone and The Shining to The Mangler and Thinner, and Japanese (or J-Horror) remakes were around the corner. The Blair Witch Project succeeded because it felt new. Sure, it was scary but it was a new kind of style of filmmaking. Whether or not we like found footage, it’s here to stay and the 1999 The Blair Witch Project is a touchstone in this particular horror subgenre.


Worth Playing For: “Love Goggles”

28 Sep


In this episode, Tyler and Jenny discuss showmances, medical emergencies, and a crazy Tribal Council.