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Worth Playing For: “Love Goggles”

28 Sep


In this episode, Tyler and Jenny discuss showmances, medical emergencies, and a crazy Tribal Council.

Worth Playing For: “May the Best Generation Win”

21 Sep


In this episode, Tyler and Jenny discuss the premiere of season 33 of Survivor.

Worth Playing For: “Not Going Down Without a Fight”

20 May


In this episode, Tyler and Jenny discuss their disappointment with the Survivor season finale.

Worth Playing For: With Me or Not With Me

11 May


In this episode, Tyler and Jenny discuss Aubry’s bad luck, Cydney’s keen eye, and Joe’s antiquated game.

Worth Playing For: “Now’s the Time to Start Scheming”

4 May


Tyler and Jenny discuss Tai’s odd moves, Jason’s persona, and Joe’s non-existence.

Fantasy Casting: Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 2

4 May


Survivor‘s themed seasons are sometimes a mixed bag, but one concept that yielded arguably the best season of all was that of “Heroes vs. Villains”. In it, some of the most inspirational, likable players were pitted against the most notorious strategists to ever play the game. The result was crackling television, with certain players more than happy to live up to their title and others using it as a shield while they tried to subvert expectations.
We’ve had twelve seasons since the first iteration of Heroes vs. Villains, and I think we’re due for another round. So I put together my ideal cast, making sure to keep it relatively recent. Here’s what I came up with.


Worth Playing For: “I Didn’t Come Here to Make Good Friends”

20 Apr

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.49.02 PM

Tyler and Jenny discuss Jason and Scot’s attitude, Aubry’s strength, and Tai’s tough decision.

Worth Playing For: “Psychological Warfare”

14 Apr


In this episode, Tyler and Jenny discuss Julia’s flipping, Debbie’s stubbornness, and another memorable Tribal Council.

Worth Playing For: “The Jocks vs. The Pretty People”

7 Apr


Tyler and Jenny discuss Nick’s arrogance, Tai’s big mouth, and Cydney’s boldness.

Worth Playing For: “It’s Merge Time”

31 Mar


Tyler and Jenny discuss the merge, Brawn arrogance, and infected cysts.