EPISODE 318: with special guest RACHEL GOLDENBERG

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8 Responses

  1. Voice of a Generation says:

    You can see Denzel Washington play a sleazeball not by-the-book competent type in “Heart Condition” and let me just say, there is a reason he doesn’t do that anymore =P

  2. Guy who left a comment says:

    Five minutes into this podcast I wanted to kill myself. Pairing two people together that can’t shutup and let the other person talk for two seconds makes for a riveting and enjoyable listening experience, let me tell you.

    I’m sorry, but without Tyler this show is unbearable.

  3. A very big fan says:

    I am such a big fan of your show but I kind of have to agree. I didn’t want to kill myself, that’s ridiculous, but I do enjoy David and Tyler just having a discussion, two people that are intelligent and love film. A guest can also bring so much, but I do sometimes get turned off by comedians that, it sounds like they try too hard to get in their jokes and image across, when really I listened for the fascinating discussions that the show use to bring so successfully. Film writers and makers are also refreshing on the show, but I just don’t think the attempt to introduce humour works, it came naturally before anyway.

    I know it’s your show and well, you can do what ever you feel is best with it. However since your human-interest docs episode I haven’t really felt the need to listen.
    I hope you guys are not offended, even if you are I still think you are amazing reviewers and communicators. I guess I am just worried that soon the show that meant so much to me won’t anymore.

    Sorry Guys

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Well, we will be returning to the normal format this weekend so I hope you’ll stay with us. But we’ve been having comedians as guests regularly since nearly the beginning of the show. I’m not sure that it’s changed all that much recently.

      – David

  4. DBF says:

    I miss Tyler too, i dont agree with him on politics, religion or many movies, but still i can hear the two of you talk about anything, and often you do 🙂

    I do like the movie input though, and im looking forward to see the “tank whisperer” (aka White Tiger) sometime. The non-mainstream input from you is great, but its nice to hear what you actually do like.
    I hope that was not to much babel.

  5. alex says:

    Are you guys kidding? I thought this episode was great, with a few low moments (like Fadem not playing along with the Pacific Rim stuff, although “Guillero del Tormo” got me pretty good).

    I think what I liked the most about this episode was how candid everyone was about Asylum films’ output. Even Rachel Goldernberg was pretty frank about things — and as someone who finds those films kind of fascinating, I enjoyed it a lot.

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