Episode 632: Best. Movie. Year. Ever. with Brian Raftery

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3 Responses

  1. Juhani Kenttä says:

    Good guest, fun episode! Wish it was longer. Have him back!

  2. David. Oh, man, what a treat you have ahead of you in Gilda. You *might* hate it (though not for too long, I’d wager) but I think you’d actually love it. Imagine if Orson Welles had had an extremely bitter relationship year, then made a noir with all of his charm and humor intact. Also, it’s pretty crazy. I saw it in James Naremore’s Film Noir class, where he called it a gift before projecting it, and I’ve never felt otherwise about that movie.

  3. Oh, man! In a Lonely Place, what a stunningly human movie, even, no especially, from Bogart. He’s checklist irredeemable – settled – but he still plays a full human being, a genuine stand up guy at times, and one for whom sometimes the anger has him, but sometimes he really has the anger and lets it out consciously. It’s anything but simplistic.

    I think it would pair well with Roman Holiday in a double feature. Or Gilda, if Gilda was first, being a little less serious about things.

    What nights you have ahead!

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