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  1. FictionIsntReal
    July 13, 2020

    People don’t normally try to shoot for the head because center mass is easier to hit (and typically also contains enough vital organs).

    Rather than “Aliens” presenting a dated vision of the future, it could be presenting one akin to Woody Allen’s “Sleepers” in which things like smoking came back into vogue.

    I think that Lovecraft’s wife asked him to complete their divorce paperwork, but he never got around to it. And their reasons for divorce were that she relocated for work, and he hated living anywhere but New England (and also couldn’t keep a job).

    The Horror at Red Hook does mention “negros”, but is motly about “Mongoloid stock, originating somewhere in or near Kurdistan”. He was drawing on the reputation of Yezidis as being “devil-worshippers”, which is tied into their persecution by ISIS today.


    • Jim Rohner
      July 14, 2020

      Also because he was anti-Semite:
      “She claimed he enthusiastically devoured Mein Kampf in one sitting, and that she often had to remind him that she herself was Jewish whenever he launched into one of his diatribes.”

      He also openly wrote that he wished Chinatown would be wiped out with cyanide and that blacks were biologically inferior:

      Please refrain from well, actuallying when it comes to racism


  2. Julius
    July 15, 2020

    On the matter of statues, Dutch historian Maarten van Rossum had a pretty good rule of thumb: if there’s a statue of a guy on a horse, that guy was a piece of shit; if he’s standing, he’s probably problematic; if he’s sitting down, he’s fine.


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