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I Do Movies Badly: Cronos

The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first. No, it’s not the Bible – it’s the first film of Guillermo del Toro’s career but the last film in the month (and in Jim’s heart), Cronos.


I Do Movies Badly: Crimson Peak

Past Jim had three main complaints the last time he watched Crimson Peak: everything was too on-the-nose, the scares weren’t scary, and the relationships didn’t work. Current Jim is here to explain why those complaints are stupid and why Crimson Peak is excellent.


I Do Movies Badly: IDMB Is Back!

After walking away from I Do Movies Badly one year ago, Jim Rohner returns to the podcast that he had intended to leave forever to lay out the reasons behind the return and to hint at things to come!

I Do Movies Badly: Paterson 4

I Do Movies Badly: Paterson

Why is it when nothing supposedly happens (during the mundane, the routine, the regular), we assume that art can’t be found? Paterson – both the film and the man in the film – are able to find the poetry in...