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The Cast of Cthulhu: Black Mountain Side

Happy new year, y’all! Before discussing the surprisingly good Black Mountain Side, we catch up on some news and housekeeping, including Jim bidding adieu to I Do Movies Badly (boo…), a new home for The Cast of Cthulhu on Battleship Pretension (hooray!), and discussion about indie directors Benson &...


I Do Movies Badly: House

House is uh…an indescribable film. Avant-garde haunted house horror-comedy, Obayashi’s absurdist answer to Jaws is technically innovative, off the wall ridiculous, and a seeming deconstruction of horror archetypes. Also, boring and exhausting (unless you’re Chuck Stephens).


I Do Movies Badly: Ma

Ma is neither great nor terrible, though its quality would certainly lean more towards the latter if not for the casting of and rewriting for Octavia Spencer, whose portrayal of a character not written to be African-American lends a subtext of...


I Do Movies Badly: Get Out

What can be said about a film that in just 3 years has already been canonized as a classic and has inspired classes in academia? All I can really add to the conversation about Get Out are the reasons that I think...


I Do Movies Badly: The People Under the Stairs

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who contributed in some way – big or small – in helping me surpass 100,000 downloads!  Second…secondmost(?), Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs is clunky at times and strange all the time, but is an...