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I Do Movies Badly Favorites: Guillermo del Toro

Just because Jim’s on hiatus doesn’t mean he’s not giving you something to listen to! Revisit some of his favorite conversations from I Do Movies Badly’s past beginning with the Introduction to Guillermo del Toro featuring NYC-based filmmaker Sean Meehan!...


I Do Movies Badly: The Freshman

Your enjoyment of The Freshman can be perfectly predicted based on the tried and true formula that Harold Lloyd laid out in Girl Shy and Safety Last! previously: Tell the perpetually true story of someone who wants to be more than they are.


I Do Movies Badly: Girl Shy

In this episode, Jim was expecting a gag film and got a character story instead. Luckily, the characters of Harold Meadows and Mary Buckingham are so relatable and likable that he was fully invested in their story.


I Do Movies Badly: Harold Lloyd

Tyler Smith becomes the first member of the BP Fleet to guest on I Do Movies Badly since it returned to discuss the films of silent film actor, Harold Lloyd. The recipient of an MFA from UCLA talks about how...


Jim’s Top Ten of 2018

For a long time my relationship with 2018’s cinematic offerings resembled that of the protagonist of a romantic comedy who fell in love with his best friend: I was always looking for something that would sweep me off my feet...