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Movie Meltdown: Fixing the Crystal Skull

This episode we try to see if it’s possible to… fix the Crystal Skull. The fourth installment in the Indiana Jones franchise has frustrated fans since it’s initial release. So we start with our on-going recasting question… could something as...


Movie Meltdown: Battle of the Castings

We recently posed the question, if they made a live-action Battle of the Planets movie, who gets cast as the leads? So we settle in for a discussion about different options… from big-budget blockbuster choices to more age-appropriate actors. What...


Movie Meltdown: The 2019 Meltdown Awards!

It’s time to announce the winners of this year’s Meltdown Awards! Join us as we discuss all the nominees and then reveal the winners from the 2019 films and performances voted on by our listeners.  So load up on hors...