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Monday Movie: Sergeant York, by David Bax

This article originally ran as part of our TCM Classic Film Festival: Special Home Editon coverage. Howard Hawks’ Sergeant York (1941) has a spoiler right there in the title since Alvin York (Gary Cooper) doesn’t even join the army until...


Movie Meltdown: Battle of the Castings

We recently posed the question, if they made a live-action Battle of the Planets movie, who gets cast as the leads? So we settle in for a discussion about different options… from big-budget blockbuster choices to more age-appropriate actors. What...


I Do Movies Badly: Spring

Benson and Moorhead’s Spring is a marvelous exploration of suspense over surprise, focusing on two closed off characters whose world views of objectification stem from their vulnerabilities and fears of loss (even if its female lead is far more interesting than its...