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Musical Notation: Tommy

In this episode, West rings in Rocktober with the 1975 Ken Russell musical extravaganza Tommy. Music in this episode includes: “Overture From Tommy” “1951 / What About The Boy?” performed by Ann-Margret & Oliver Reed “Amazing Journey” performed by Pete...


Movie Meltdown: Hellbent with Nicholas Vince

This week as we return to our wrap-up of ScareFest, we are also joined by actor/writer Nicholas Vince to discuss the horror movie Hellbent, directed by Paul Etheredge. And as we ask the burning question – how old is Nathan Fillion? We also mention…  Scotty...


I Do Movies Badly: Cronos

The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first. No, it’s not the Bible – it’s the first film of Guillermo del Toro’s career but the last film in the month (and in Jim’s heart), Cronos.


Movie Meltdown: ScareFestin’ with Shawnee Smith

This week we begin our coverage of ScareFest as well as talking with actress Shawnee Smith about a wide array of things like… the Saw franchise, The Blob, Summer School, dancing orphans, Meathead, the Olympics and hanging out with John Candy. Plus we discuss Creepshow 3, not spoiling movies...


BP Movie Journal 9/20/18

In this episode, Tyler and David discuss the movies and TV shows they’ve been watching, including: Movies STAR WARS JOHN MCENROE: IN THE REALM OF PERFECTION BROOKLYN LET THE CORPSES TAN THE POWER OF GREYSKULL THE SEVENTH SIGN THE PREDATOR...