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Love, Antosha: Dear Friend, by David Bax

Assuming you’re familiar with the fact and nature of Anton Yelchin’s early death in 2016–which you almost certainly are if you’ve chosen to watch a documentary about him–an oppressive, inescapable sense of tragedy pervades every second of Garret Price’s Love,...


La Flor: Unstill Life, by David Bax

In his onscreen introduction to his thirteen and a half hour (fifteen hours with intermissions), multi-part undertaking La Flor, Argentinean director Mariano Llinás describes the first episode of the film as a B-movie, “the kind Americans used to make with...


Honeyland: The Sweet Life, by David Bax

If Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov’s Honeyland were a horror movie like The Deadly Bees or The Swarm, the constant buzzing would be a menacing, threatening choice of sound design. As it’s not a horror movie but rather a stunning,...