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The L.A. Rep-port: Noir City, by Scott Nye

Noir isn’t just the genre trappings we’re constantly sold; long shadows and dangerous ladies and hardened men. It’s something that digs into the soul and the body and the way we try to live with and apart one another. It’s...


The 5th Annual BPs Awards

It’s time for the BPs! This year, the ceremony is a roundtable discussion between Tyler Smith, David Bax, and Scott Nye. Listen as our hosts discuss the winners, losers, and the films of 2017! Only $1.50!


WB Gets FilmStruck, by Scott Nye

From the time FilmStruck was announced in 2016, it seemed like a match made in Heaven. TCM and The Criterion Collection – two of the most trusted brands in the business of bringing cinema to your home (and two which...