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Monday Movie: Where the Buffalo Roam, by David Bax

Every Monday, we’ll recommend a movie–it could be a classic, an overlooked recent treasure, an unfairly maligned personal favorite or whatever the hell we feel like–and we’ll tell you where to find it online. From the opening titles of Art...


Monday Movie: Quick Change, by David Bax

Two years before Quentin Tarantino unleashed Reservoir Dogs, there was a different American directorial debut that found more drama in the aftermath of a heist than in the robbery itself. Only instead of a postmodern pastiche of the history of...

The Non-Science of Watching Movies, by David Bax 0

The Non-Science of Watching Movies, by David Bax

I remember watching an interview with Nirvana in which they joked about the idea of there being a recipe for a perfect pop song. Measure out just so many choruses and just so many verses, add the bridge at just...