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Bombshell: Blown to Hell, by David Bax

Adam McKay was not the first recent director to turn from broad comedy to political point-making. Jay Roach, who made his name with the Austin Powers and Meet the Parents franchises, gained a new identity with the HBO movies Recount...


Cunningham: Flat-Footed, by David Bax

Starting off with a bit of disclosure, I was unable to catch a 3D screening of Alla Kovgan’s Cunningham. Not that I’m exactly losing sleep over it. Despite my ongoing resolution not to turn into an old crank, I’ve never...


Harriet: Stalled on the Tracks, by David Bax

It’s baffling to realize that Harriet Tubman—someone who easily makes the shortlist of best and most important Americans of all time—has never gotten the biopic movie treatment before (Cicely Tyson played her on television for a 1978 miniseries). So Kasi...