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Monday Movie: Full Moon High, by David Bax

This article originally ran as part of a Home Video Hovel review. Four years before being a werewolf made Michael J. Fox good at basketball, being a werewolf made Adam Arkin good at football. The sports angle was a 1980s...


Good Boys: Wasted Youth, by David Bax

It doesn’t help that, by the time the song blared onto the soundtrack of Gene Stupnitsky’s Good Boys, the film was already beyond redemption but I still nearly threw my hands in the air in the theater and shouted, “For...


I Do Movies Badly: Naked

Mike Leigh’s Naked is led by a phenomenal performance by David Thewlis that takes us inside the world of a self-loathing intellectual who is likely using his brilliance to keep people at an emotional distance as he seeks to embrace a nihilism...