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Criterion Prediction #219: Italianamerican; American Boy: A Profile of – Steven Prince, by Alexander Miller

Title(s): Italianamerican; American Boy: A Profile of – Steven Prince Year(s): 1974, 1978 Director: Martin Scorsese Synopses: Italianamerican (1974) A personal profile centering on the director’s parents, Charles and Catherine Scorsese, and their insights and memories of immigrant life in...


The Hottest August: Summer in the City, by David Bax

There’s an anthropological conceit to Brett Story’s documentary The Hottest August; despite being filmed in August 2017 (actually tied with 2015 and 2019 for second hottest August ever; 2016 is the prizewinner), the narration frames the events historically. Everything is...


The Cave: Deeper and Darker, by David Bax

Not surprisingly, we tend to imagine people who devote their lives to the doing of good deeds as gaining happiness and satisfaction from their works. But in Feras Fayyad’s new documentary, The Cave, we meet a group of medical professionals—and...