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Monday Movie: Bicycle Thieves, by Tyler Smith

This article originally ran as part of our listener-voted Top 100 Movies. One war over, another just starting. In postwar Italy, times are tough. Jobs are scarce. If you can get one, you do what you can to keep it....


Pain & Glory: Tied Up, by David Bax

This review originally ran as a part of our TIFF 2019 coverage. In many ways, Pedro Almodóvar’s Pain & Glory feels like a departure. It’s not that the hothouse melodramas that make up most of his output have resisted personal...


I Do Movies Badly: Close-Up

I’m wrapping up September with unadulterated, unfiltered Abbas Kiarostami. Close-Up, the filmmaker’s second feature-length film, radiates the visual and aesthetic ambition of a young filmmaker exploring cinematic conventions for the very first time.  Listen to the end for an exciting announcement about...