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Monday Movie: Zorba the Greek, by David Bax

These days, apparently, the Academy award for best cinematography isn’t even worth televising. But there was a time, lasting about 30 years, that the Academy gave out two awards every year to cinematographers, one for films shot in color and...


Home Video Hovel: Suburbia, by David Bax

“Everyone knows families don’t work.” So proclaims one disaffected Southern California teenage punk rocker in the waning minutes of Penelope Spheeris’ harshly, mournfully beautiful Suburbia (out now on Blu-ray from Shout! Factory). It’s not a surprising conclusion for a movie...


Monday Movie: Two-Lane Blacktop, by David Bax

James Taylor plays the driver and Dennis Wilson plays the mechanic. They travel around, making money by winning races with their ’55 Chevy. First, they find themselves joined by a young girl, played by Laurie Bird. Then, they meet a...