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I Do Movies Badly: The Prophecy

The Prophecy has a really cool premise–angels seeking an edge over other angels to win the second war in Heaven!–and some enjoyable campy performances but is a badly disjointed film (whether that’s because of its first-time director or meddling from the...


I Do Movies Badly: Frailty

Unlike some films (here’s looking at you, The Usual Suspects), Frailty holds up very well on a second viewing, probably because there’s more to it than just the twist, like the honest depiction of emotional abuse and the culmination of the film’s cynical...


I Do Movies Badly: Near Dark

The journey for the perfect metaphor ends with Near Dark, a wonderfully directed film that subverts the expectations of the Western genre, but that also signals that the “Others” are vile, bloodthirsty creatures whose influence can only be overcome by blood transfusion....