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Patreon: June Mailbag

In this episode, Tyler and David answer Patron questions. This episode is available to Patreon subscribers only. Tiers begin as low as $2 per month! Become a Patron!


Movie Meltdown: Fixing the Crystal Skull

This episode we try to see if it’s possible to… fix the Crystal Skull. The fourth installment in the Indiana Jones franchise has frustrated fans since it’s initial release. So we start with our on-going recasting question… could something as...


Monday Movie: Ju Dou, by David Bax

Ju Dou (1990) is Zhang Yimou’s second film (depending on which ones you count) and his second collaboration with Gong Li. But it is the movie that introduced him to American cinephiles, being the first of the three of his...


I Do Movies Badly: Resolution

Who’d have thought that it was a review from IMDb cluing me into how Resolution, a film that I initially wrote off as “two guys who did the best they could with what they had,” was actually a meta parody of tired...