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The Cast of Cthulhu: Black Mountain Side

Happy new year, y’all! Before discussing the surprisingly good Black Mountain Side, we catch up on some news and housekeeping, including Jim bidding adieu to I Do Movies Badly (boo…), a new home for The Cast of Cthulhu on Battleship Pretension (hooray!), and discussion about indie directors Benson &...


I Do Movies Badly: House

House is uh…an indescribable film. Avant-garde haunted house horror-comedy, Obayashi’s absurdist answer to Jaws is technically innovative, off the wall ridiculous, and a seeming deconstruction of horror archetypes. Also, boring and exhausting (unless you’re Chuck Stephens).


Run: Don’t Walk, by David Bax

Usually, when movies start out by showing us the peaceful, happy lives of their characters, it’s a major clue that something is either about to go wrong or is already very wrong just beneath the surface. Aneesh Chaganty’s Run is...


Monday Movie: Gremlins, by David Bax

I’ll admit it. I’m one of those wet blankets who’s bothered by people starting to celebrate Christmas too early. I’m not vocal about it like I used to be; I don’t want to be the one to harsh anyone’s premature...


Bad Hair: O, What a Tangled Web, by David Bax

Justin Simien’s Bad Hair–which finds him continuing to grow as a filmmaker six years after his debut, Dear White People–has a grainy, slightly washed out look, ostensibly intended to situate the audience in the movie’s period setting. The fact that...