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I Do Movies Badly: Mumblecore Part 2

We might be through with the mumblecore but the mumblecore ain’t through with us. David Bax returns to I Do Movies Badly to convince Jim to give mumblecore another chance, to explain his distaste for the label “mumblecore,” and to...


I Do Movies Badly: Monkey Shines

Monkey Shines starts out as an inspirational tale of a man overcoming adversity with the assistance of a super smart monkey and turns into a horror story of a man trying to overcome the adversity of his super smart monkey. Its...


I Do Movies Badly: George Romero

After an unintentionally long delay, I Do Movies Badly is back with a new setting, new theme, and new guest! Allie Kroeper of Bit Lip: A Teen Movie Podcast stops by to discuss her love of Spider-Man, her appreciation for Paul...


I Do Movies Badly Favorites: Guillermo del Toro

Just because Jim’s on hiatus doesn’t mean he’s not giving you something to listen to! Revisit some of his favorite conversations from I Do Movies Badly’s past beginning with the Introduction to Guillermo del Toro featuring NYC-based filmmaker Sean Meehan!...


I Do Movies Badly: The Freshman

Your enjoyment of The Freshman can be perfectly predicted based on the tried and true formula that Harold Lloyd laid out in Girl Shy and Safety Last! previously: Tell the perpetually true story of someone who wants to be more than they are.