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Movie Meltdown: Creed and Justin Golak

This week we welcome the return of comedian Justin Golak to discuss this week’s Sofa Theater feature: Ryan Coogler’s Creed. Plus we go into some of the other movies we’ve seen recently, if it’s worth getting a MoviePass and just what is the state of the modern...


Monday Movie: Bugsy, by Tyler Smith

Every Monday, we’ll recommend a movie–it could be a classic, an overlooked recent treasure, an unfairly maligned personal favorite or whatever the hell we feel like–and we’ll tell you where to find it online. Style and substance don’t always have...


BP Movie Journal 5/17/18

In this episode, Tyler and David discuss the movies and TV shows they’ve been watching, including: Movies SUMMER 1993 BOUNDARIES THE MAN WHO DIED TWICE DEADPOOL 2 THAT SUMMER NIGHTKILL TV SILICON VALLEY THE LAST MAN ON EARTH SURVIVOR ATLANTA...