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Cold War: Polar Bonds, by David Bax

With its crisp black and white photography and its preoccupation with folk music, Pawel Pawlikowski’s Cold War bears an initial resemblance last year’s Song of Granite. In that beautiful film, though, director Pat Collins told the story of his folk...


David’s Spring Playlist 2018

 1. Music for 18 Musicians: Section I – Steve Reich 2. A Clearing – Brian Eno 3. Straight, No Chaser – Thelonious Monk 4. Kinda Bonkers – Animal Collective 5. Rain in Soho – The Mountain Goats 6. Sleep to Dream – Fiona Apple 7. Pig – Sparklehorse 8. Miss Modular – Stereolab 9....


55. Wes Anderson

WES ANDERSON RUSHMORE, THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS, BOTTLE ROCKET, THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX In his own way, one of the most divisive filmmakers around, Wes Anderson’s films have a signature style that is a clear extension of his personality. Perfectly balanced...