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Ham on Rye: Today’s Special, by David Bax

In the early scenes, with its cast of teenagers (actual ones) getting dressed up in suits and gowns, painting their fingernails and hopping into cars with friends, Tyler Taormina’s Ham on Rye might lead you to believe it’s some kind...


Shithouse: Everybody Gets a Trophy, by David Bax

Shithouse, the Duplass-approved directorial debut of a young white male who also wrote the screenplay and plays the film’s lead (as well as co-editing the picture), is a semi-autobiographical dramedy inspired by Before Sunrise. In other words, there are more...


Martin Eden: Gossip Boy, by David Bax

Shot on 16mm film, often with a handheld camera, Pietro Marcello’s Martin Eden embodies much of the stripped down zeal we associate with the various European cinematic movements of the mid-twentieth century. But it’s also a lavishly appointed period piece,...