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Monday Movie: Ball of Fire, by David Bax

Howard Hawks was a gobsmackingly prolific director who mastered a variety of genres. As such, there is a multitude of movies that come to mind upon hearing his name, from crime dramas like Scarface and The Big Sleep to Westerns...


Monday Movie: Ju Dou, by David Bax

Ju Dou (1990) is Zhang Yimou’s second film (depending on which ones you count) and his second collaboration with Gong Li. But it is the movie that introduced him to American cinephiles, being the first of the three of his...


I Do Movies Badly: Spring

Benson and Moorhead’s Spring is a marvelous exploration of suspense over surprise, focusing on two closed off characters whose world views of objectification stem from their vulnerabilities and fears of loss (even if its female lead is far more interesting than its...