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I Do Movies Badly: Girl Shy

In this episode, Jim was expecting a gag film and got a character story instead. Luckily, the characters of Harold Meadows and Mary Buckingham are so relatable and likable that he was fully invested in their story.


Monday Movie: Some Like It Hot, by Scott Nye

“I say, you know what’s really funny?” One distinguished English gentleman says to his companion. “A man dressed in women’s clothing.” “Yes, quite,” his friend replies. “Ripping good laugh.” The proliferation of crossdressing-as-comedy is either a product, or the necessary...


Cold War: Polar Bonds, by David Bax

With its crisp black and white photography and its preoccupation with folk music, Pawel Pawlikowski’s Cold War bears an initial resemblance last year’s Song of Granite. In that beautiful film, though, director Pat Collins told the story of his folk...