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Monday Movie: Heavy, by David Bax

James Mangold is a terrifically talented filmmaker who, since his sophomore feature, 1997’s Cop Land, has been a trusted shepherd of marquee star vehicles, from biopics (Walk the Line) to superhero movies (The Wolverine and Logan) to flashy prestige studio...


I Do Movies Badly: The Skeleton Twins

The Skeleton Twins would have already been a great film thanks to the script from Mark Heyman and director Craig Johnson but it’s accentuated by the indelible mark that Reed Morano leaves on it with her emotionally evocative camerawork and lighting.


I Do Movies Badly: Dans Paris

In this final episode of 2019, Jim talks a little bit about Dans Paris (not a fan), but mostly uses it to wax poetic about Christmas and how his life has changed, is changing, and will continue to change. Merry Christmas, Happy...


First Love: Slap Happy, by David Bax

This review originally ran as a part of our TIFF 2019 coverage. Takashi Miike’s world is one of commonplace sociopathy. In his newest film, First Love, as in his others, the criminals aren’t just criminals. They’re ice cold sadists and...