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Never Look Away: One Color, by David Bax

In a promising opening scene before the agonizingly long decline that is the rest of Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s Never Look Away, a child and his aunt in 1930s Nazi Germany attend an exhibit of modern art. But the tour guide,...


Home Video Hovel: Candyman, by David Bax

Nothing says “prestige horror” like a score by Philip Glass. His towering, choral, staccato music is unmistakable from the very beginning of Candyman. And, in retrospect, the fact that the movie is directed by Bernard Rose, whose other best known...


I Do Movies Badly: Opera

October month wraps up with Opera, the best example of what makes up a Dario Argento film both for good and ill. But mainly ill. Jim’s done with torturing and objectifying women, thanks very much. Happy Halloween everybody! And please get...