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The BP Top Ten of 2017

This list was compiled from the individual top ten lists of Alexander, Josh, Craig, Jim, Aaron, Sarah, Rudie, Rita, Ian, Scott, Tyler, and David. Each film was weighted according to its placement on each individual list. As such, a film that...


Tyler’s Top Ten of 2017

10. The Killing of a Sacred Deer 9. Get Out 8. The Post 7. The Lost City of Z 6. Menashe 5. California Typewriter 4. Columbus 3. Blade Runner 2049 2. The Beguiled 1. Phantom Thread Listen to Tyler talk about his top ten:


Josh’s Top Ten of 2017

The Florida Project Sean Baker finds beauty in lives on the fringe of society. Porn stars in Starlet, prostitutes in Tangerine, and underprivileged children in The Florida Project. Once we slow down as viewers, we focus on the subtle simplicities...


Craig’s Top Ten of 2017

There are many films from 2017 I enjoyed and would like to spotlight. However, the mathematical restraints of a “Top Ten List” have limited me to only ten films. Here are some 2017 films I quite liked but didn’t make...


Jim’s Top Ten of 2017

For subconscious reasons that I’m sure are clearer to my therapist than they are to me, I feel that I should – like always – preface this list by severely undercutting my credibility as an expert and pre-empting your questions...


Aaron’s Top Ten of 2017

Putting together a top 10 is always more difficult and stress inducing than it should be and 2017 was especially so. Typically, a few films break from the pack and easily settle themselves in the top half of my list....