Category: Theatrical Review


Over the Moon: Lunar Tunes, by David Bax

Like many animated features aimed at a young audience, Glen Keane and John Kahrs’ Over the Moon is a musical. Thankfully, though, it’s not one comprised of pop songs (or songs trying to be pop songs). With the occasional exception...


Nationtime: Last Century, Last Week, by David Bax

Nationtime (or, as the onscreen title says, Nationtime – Gary), William Greaves’ film document of the 1972 National Black Political Convention, is coming to virtual cinemas this weekend via Kino Marquee. The never officially released film has been restored by,...


Ham on Rye: Today’s Special, by David Bax

In the early scenes, with its cast of teenagers (actual ones) getting dressed up in suits and gowns, painting their fingernails and hopping into cars with friends, Tyler Taormina’s Ham on Rye might lead you to believe it’s some kind...