Category: Theatrical Review


Dear Comrades: Red Spring, by David Bax

On June 2nd, 1962, in the city of Novocherkassk, the Soviet army and the KGB opened fire on protestors who were supporting striking factory workers. Officially, 26 people were killed but locals and survivors count many more. Bodies were buried...


Promising Young Woman: Squandered, by David Bax

In comedy, there’s this term “clapter.” It describes what happens when a comedian gains an audience’s approval by declaring something with which they are sure to agree instead of by saying funny things. The audience claps instead of laughing. Comedians...


Fatale: Low Heat, by David Bax

From the first growled syllables of Michael Ealy’s voiceover–accompanied by aerial shots of the Los Angeles skyline–it’s apparent exactly what kind of seedy pop-thriller Deon Taylor’s Fatale is going to be. And there are plot developments you’ll spot on the...