Category: Theatrical Review


Spree: Post Modern, by David Bax

Self-documentation and broadcast is so commonplace now that describing Eugene Kotlyarenko’s Spree as a “found footage” movie is like calling your phone a “cellphone.” It’s a vestigial term that marks the speaker as a remnant of a time when the...


She Dies Tomorrow: Get It Over With, by David Bax

It may only be Amy Seimetz’s second feature directorial effort but she’s been around long enough–producing, writing and acting in great movies–that she’s able to gather an all-star cast of cool kids for her thrillingly metaphysical, depressingly hilarious She Dies...


The Tax Collector: Fraud, by David Bax

Have you ever seen an advertisement for a movie and thought to yourself, “There’s no way this thing actually exists”? Not because it sounds especially crazy or anything like that, but because it seems so lame that you can’t imagine...