Category: Theatrical Review


Loro: Unstable, Genius, by David Bax

This review originally ran as a part of our TIFF 2018 coverage. Back in 2008, Paolo Sorrentino and actor Toni Servillo made a film called Il Divo, in which Servillo portrayed former Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti. That movie was more...


Monos: Lords of Chaos, by David Bax

Technically, the aspect ratio of Alejandro Landes’ confrontational, unnerving Monos is 2.35:1. But the often crepuscular cinematography of Jasper Wolf makes the frame shapeless and dissolute, informed by the limbo between light and dark that creeps in around the edges....


TIFF 2019: Jojo Rabbit, by David Bax

Jojo Rabbit‘s opening titles play out against stock footage of Germans “heil”ing Adolf Hitler soundtracked by The Beatles singing “Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand” and the sound of screaming fans. There is satirical potential in reducing Hitler to the level...