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The TV Room: Native Son, by David Bax

This review originally ran as a part of our Sundance 2019 coverage. It’s not that we don’t need another movie that highlights the daily barrage of microaggressions a person of color faces in America. On the contrary, some of the...


Comedians in Cars Getting Cranky, by Tyler Smith

Like many people, I’m a big fan of Jerry Seinfeld. Not only is he responsible for quite possibly the greatest sitcom ever made, but his comedic sensibilities – those of exasperated amusement with the world around us – influenced an...


Musical Notation: Home Movies

In this episode, West plays music from the television series Home Movies. Music in this episode includes: “Opening Theme” written by Brendon Small & Loren Bouchard “Don’t Put Marbles In Your Nose” “Jazz Fight” performed by Brendon Small & Jon...