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WonderCon 2017: Midnight, Texas Pilot Review, by Tyler Smith

To refer to Midnight, Texas as “Twin Peaks-lite” wouldn’t be particularly insightful. This isn’t because it’s unfair, but because  the comparison – and inevitable shortfall – is so obvious that to even use that as a shorthand could be considered...

WonderCon 2015: Blumhouse 0

WonderCon 2015: Blumhouse

Blumhose started their super size panel of upcoming horror movies with a teaser for The Gallows. I hope there’s more to the film than what we saw, which is a pretty standard found-footage scenario of a girl crying into a camera followed...

WonderCon 2015: American Odyssey 0

WonderCon 2015: American Odyssey

American Odyssey premieres tomorrow night on NBC. It’s no light Spring series, though. Rather, it’s the next in the line of post Homeland shows centering in on a woman in a military/government position. That’s how I would describe it, at least, if I were...