1. The Shining

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  1. Hudsucker says:

    Called it! Good list guys! Has quite a few I haven’t even heard about.

  2. Rob says:

    I was walking around all day trying to figure out what #1 could possibly be…man am I disappointed in my fellow BP listeners. I know it’s all subjective but I don’t find The Shining to be scary at all. Even as I kid I just thought this movie was boring. I’m just going to end it there though. If I get started on my diatribe about how Kubrick is the most overrated director of all-time this comment will turn into a book and I’ll make a bunch of new internet enemies. I don’t need anymore of those.

  3. andyluvsfilms says:

    I’m certainly not a fan of The Shining but it clearly has a following, Room 237 is evidence of that on its own. I did nominate A Clockwork Orange which predictably didnt feature in the Top 50 but hope was there that it might of squeezed in.
    Two others i was disappointed not to see were Event Horizon and Return Of The Living Dead, the former being actually really scary and the latter pretty scary, lots of fun and a great soundtrack.

    More lists please.

  4. Davide says:

    Great movie, I’m glad this is the #1!

  5. Dayne Linford says:

    Whatever you think of Kubrick, I’ve had my troubles with him, The Shining is pure genius if you ask me. By far the most satisfying and powerful horror movie ever made. While Clockwork is certainly horrific, I don’t think it’s really fitting into this genre. More of a distopian film, really.

    I haven’t heard great things on Event Horizon but have been vaguely interested in it. What’s the verdict on that one from those who’ve seen it?

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