Rita’s Top Ten of 2012

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3 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    What I found so irritating about The Sessions was that the film actually confirmed his emotional problem (that he falls in love with every woman he meets) by having three out of four of the female characters fall in love with him back, even the one whose professional training is designed to prevent that kind of emotional attachment. There was also a missed opportunity to develop more deeply the religious origins of his attitude towards sex. Also the film spends the least amount of time on the supposedly most meaningful relationship with his WIFE and mother of his child!

  2. Rita says:

    I totally bought that Cheryl and Amanda would fall in love with Mark – at least in the capacity that they do in the film, i.e. one that doesn’t involve having an actual, day-to-day, committed relationship with him. The fact that Amanda only says she loves him after not seeing him for years suggests to me that what she’s really in love with is an idealized memory of him. And even though Cheryl’s relationship with Mark is much more intimate, and they’re clearly very attracted to each other, they’re both acutely aware that it can’t work out in the long run. If they’d had a full-on affair and Cheryl had tried to leave her husband or something, I would have cried foul, but the way it played out felt really honest to me. So yes, the women he falls in love with tend to love him back, but they do so in ways that I don’t feel “confirm his emotional problem,” at least if I’m correctly understanding what you mean by that.

    I actually agree that it would have been nice to learn more about the life he had with his wife. Fundamentally, the movie is about his experience with Cheryl, not about meeting his wife, but I would have liked to see a little more of her while still keeping the primary focus on the sex surrogacy thing.

  3. Nick Smith says:

    I cannot agree more with Rita’s take on “Wreck-It Ralph.” Her observation that Ralph is only “technically” in the same place (as in the same physical–okay, electronic– location) at the beginning and end of the film is spot-on. I tried leaving comments on each of the two previous podcasts in which David mentioned his problems with “Ralph” but I was never satisfied with the result. Good thing, because I couldn’t have said it better than Rita did.

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