BP Movie Journal 6/30/16

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    I haven’t seen Non-Stop, but the Collet-Serra film I’d recommend is Orphan. It’s a horror film starring Vera Farmiga, with Isabelle Fuhrman as the titular orphan. The studio did force them to pull their punch in one segment, but I think overall it’s a rather effective little movie.

    George Miller co-directed Beyond Thunderdome with George Ogilvie (he was distracted by the death of his longtime producer Byron Kennedy). It’s also considered the worst in the series.

    The REC series are somewhat auteurist in that Paco Plazo & Jaume Balaguero directed the first two together, and the next two separately in parallel. I’ve only seen the first, so I can’t say how cohesive they feel as a series.

    I saw Nobody Knows years ago because Robin Hanson recommended it, with his reasoning being that it is (in terms of “construal level theory”) all in “near mode” rather than the “far mode” of most stories.

  2. Ryan says:

    David, I think the word you were looking for was “indoctrinated”, as in now that you’ve been indoctrinated in the cult of The Purge, you’ll like the first movie.

  3. Kirk says:

    I thought it was Charles Shaughnessy.

  4. Nick S. says:

    When Tyler said something about the shark “announcing itself” I immediately pictured a couple of fish popping up out of the water, blowing trumpets and then the shark launching itself–tah-dah!–between them.

  5. Ben Hunter says:


    You made a big deal about the lengths you went to in order to view “Tom Jones. You even ended in a way you would’ve prefered not to. I understand that digital may be the preferred and most convienent way, however, your argument for it’s availability seemed a little deflated when you said there was a DVD copy you could’ve just got from Amazon. Perhaps the concept of purchasing a DVD and it taking room on your shelf as apposed to a digital copy crosses some type of preverbial line in the sand.


    I too have seen the cinematic classic “Firehouse Dog” with Bruce Greenwood and a young Josh Hutcherson. My daughter got it from our library.

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