3-Defense, by Daniel Bergamini

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  1. Raghav says:

    Hey, some good points observations. But for me 3D has not been anything special. Okay having to wear 3D glasses on top of prescription ones is a pain, but even other than that it’s been just okay nothing WOW. Also i find the objects being thrown at the audience more engaging. So yeah till the technology enhances maybe 10 fold I’m not for it… Yet!

  2. Whalen says:

    It’s rare to hear a postive opinion on 3D nowadays so this was a very interesting read.

    I thought Daniel was mostly spot on but I find it hard to enjoy 3D when it’s used unironically. I enjoyed Avatar and Caroline but I didn’t enjoy them any more in 2D than 3D.

    Maybe I’m wrong and The Hobbit will rip my argument to shreds like so many poor goblins, but until then I’m happy to be skeptical.

  3. Whalen says:

    “Okay having to wear 3D glasses on top of prescription ones is a pain”

    Yup, forget about that.

  4. Isn’t the future of 3-D in documentary? Wim Wenders said that 3-D, “Can make us discover our planet and its people in an immediate and gripping way.” That is where the potential is with 3-D, in it’s ability to immerse an audience in a landscape. It’s what Werner Herzog tries to do in Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

    Of course you’re right, 3-D is a tool for a filmmaker but so far, in fiction films, it has almost exclusively been used as an irrelevant add-on. Your point about immersion in Avatar ties in to what I said above. The good moments in Avatar are when we’re moving through the landscapes. I disagree with your point about the 3-D adding depth in Coraline. 2-D has been doing a perfectly fine job of creating the illusion of depth for many centuries.

  5. The Hobbit is going to be a very interesting film in terms of 3D since we haven’t seen something like this shot native. You could say Avatar, but since a majority of that film was CGI, this is going to be unique. Not to mention the fact the film is being shot in 48 frames per second, I think The Hobbit is going to be the film to change many minds!

  6. scott gibbons says:

    3D makes a film look fantastic, avatar proved that, the depth of field, the image, and it brings charactors to life, caroline also proved this for me, and we are at a stage where, we can have a full 2 hour experience, seeing brilliant images, and of course the odd gimmick point out of screen moment which is fun. the problem is, so many are mistreating this great new technology. final destination, saw, clash of the titans all examples and why james cameron should be pissed off. they just disregard everything about it. jackass 3d ?, what was the point, yes the movie stunt part at beginning and end were fantastic, but then you have over a hour of normal non 3d, thats not right. so for me the real future of 3d is, hopefully what scorsese will do with his film, 2 hours of wonderful images put on screen. heres hoping

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