36. Krzysztof Kieslowski

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2 Responses

  1. “…the proud tradition of Bergman and Tarkovsky.” What proud tradition?

    “…the way he explored philosophical ideals?” I never heard of Kieslowski described as a philosophical person. He was a down-to-earth person who avoided waffling about philosophy. He was concerned about things which cannot be easily defined, not philosophies. Irene Jacob remarked that the word he hated most was ‘pretentious.’

    “Filled with images both poignant and enigmatic, Kieslowski’s films are almost musical.” Are they musicals maybe? Or are you telling your audience that Kieslowski might have almost put music into his films if he had tried a little bit harder?

    “…in films that are equally beautiful and thought provoking.” Is Kieslowski’s ‘A Short Film About Killing’, which some film reviewers say has the longest murder sequence in the history of cinema, equally beautiful and thought provoking?

    Oh, I’ve just got it. This is a humourous post with laughs aplenty! I should have read the About page. I missed it from the very beginning! My apologies. I am a silly person.

  2. Dayne says:

    Wow. You might have good points, but you are an ass, sir. You might want to calm down a bit and foster discussion instead of needless dick-measuring and sarcasm. It’s especially undeserved here, where these people are trying to do write ups on over 100 different directors. Perhaps you can kindly explain where they are wrong, but also allow they are trying to pay homage to a great director, who made horrific and troubling films, but also beautiful ones. You could do any of a number of polite, sensible things instead of trying to be clever (and failing) and trying to show everyone how much smarter you are than they. Perhaps? Maybe?

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