47 Meters Down: Deep Shit, by Tyler Smith

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2 Responses

  1. Caleb says:

    What friend said that about directors and bad scripts? Isn’t the common assertion that a good director can work wonders even with a bad screenplay, while a bad director can ruin a script?

    I really enjoyed this. That constantly expository dialog did get repetitive, but I didn’t think the choice of words felt off. I mean, do you really use the words ‘managed’ or ‘arrives’ that rarely? More then anything I just dug the tension with the occasional fast CGI-shark-attack-jump-scare release. Does that make me “basic”?

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Whether you’re basic or not is up to you to wrestle with late at night.
      And I know it may sound strange, but it was the use of “arrive” and “managed”, in that context delivered that way, that hit my ear extremely wrong. That and Lisa’s description that a shark “ripped him to pieces” just didn’t feel right, either. Granted, it’s the term that Quint uses in JAWS, but it’s in an extended, introspective monologue, not something shouted in the midst of chaos and horror.
      So much of the dialogue just… didn’t work for me.

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