Episode 583. Clever Movies

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2 Responses

  1. Totally heard the children of the night today, and the distant, ghost ship bell on the Movie Journal. Glad I did too. Funny moments. They’re quite distant, and as completely undistracting and unannoying as a distant train would be, until you mention them. Then, again, I’m glad I can hear them too, so that your chat is contextualized. And after you mention them? They immediately return to undistracting status. Don’t worry about them.

    Although, semi-apropos of sound, as well as someone else’s comment about eating, somewhere else, on some episode’s comment area, every time one of you drinks, especially mid or immediately pre-sentence, there is an overarching, heavy bass, deep gulp sound, mixed with lip-smacking. If it was a film, the sound would reflect a just jump cut to an underwater shot for about 2 seconds, then immediately cut to hyper-foleyed, super-brief kissing. This kind of is distracting, because, due to my Tweaked Audio Ear Buds, it happens right in the center of my head. Also, somehow it occurs the same kind of warning you get when a glass of milk is falling, and you know you can’t catch it; it sort of enhances the impending sonics, and it feels shockingly intimate.

    Today I heard Tyler cough, and it was clearly done away from the mic, quite audible, and completely not an issue. I don’t know what it is with drinking that makes it different. Maybe it’s close mics?

    Also, Tyler is probably right about All About Eve for you, David. The first time I saw it, I was caught up in the ‘predictability’ of the plot mechanics, but it stayed with me, and sort of called to me to be seen again. It has been a masterpiece ever since. The movie starts with its ending, yet somehow the ‘how it was about it’ was what I found predictable, but All About Eve is not even just about how it’s about it, but somehow is about *how* it is how it’s about it. If that’s possible. I think Tyler has perfectly prepared you to not be snagged by that anyway; he really hit its nail right on its head. I only disagree with him on whether Sunset Blvd. is a better film, to Eve’s credit, not Sunset’s discredit.

  2. Julius says:

    Another movie for the Yojimbo – Fistful of Dollars – Miller’s Crossing list is the Icelandic When the Raven Flies (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/When_the_Raven_Flies), a Viking take on the story. Like Fistful, it was even the start of a trilogy!

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