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Monday Movie: Monsters and Men, by David Bax

Every Monday, we’ll highlight a piece of writing from our vaults. This review of Monsters and Men originally ran as part of our Sundance 2018 coverage. One day shy of a year after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, Monsters and...


The Cast of Cthulhu: Monsters

Is Gareth Edwards’ directorial debut Lovecraftian? Not in the slightest! Did the 6-person crew have a shooting script? Absolutely not! Do the effects, direction, and performances still hold up after 12 years? You betcha!  Entirely improvised and largely featuring locals...


Movie Meltdown: Monster Isotopes

This week we kick off a new running series where we focus on sci-fi movies. Listen as discuss the 1960 Italian feature Atom Age Vampire. The poster is awesome, the trailer is amazing… but does the movie itself hold up as...

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